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Welcome to Crimson Nova. A unique Faction with in Star Wars Combine. We fall under the Bounty Hunters category of the faction, but we are far from just regular bounty hunters. We offer a unique services to everyone with in the galaxy. The only thing that matters is how much are you willing to pay. All of our services have a basic price, and you can find out about them with in our services section.

Have you come to check out the faction? Or even wait to offer us some type of deal? Then you came to the right place. Our members who have earned their place are more than happy and willing to talk to you about any type of arrangement. From protecting assets all the way in making alliances for future battles, etc. Just sign up on the message broad and make your way to the Embassy.

Or are you a person looking for work? If so, we offer many benefits and different job opportunities for our members. Just contact one of our members or join us on our IRC channel (insert channel here)

Sierra Nova
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